Intuitive Reader, Speaker and Teacher

I’m Jason Antalek

Blending analytical insight with intuitive energies, I offer logical, actionable steps for real-world application. My intentional approach empowers you through unique perspectives toward your version of clarity, self-discovery, and tangible progress.

In an era where the quest for personal and professional growth transcends traditional boundaries, Jason Antalek, known professionally as Akashaman, stands out as a beacon of transformative spiritual guidance.


FEBRUARY 15, 2024

My Intuitive  Journey

My path from a seeker of answers to a intuitive reader and teacher is marked by transformative engagement with my Soul Blueprint. Discovering my Soul Profile through reading the Akashic Records catalyzed a pivotal shift from external validation to an internal alignment with my core essence and purpose. My journey is underpinned by resourceful tenacity, complemented by a unique ability to empathetically connect with and guide others to consider fresh perspectives and spontaneous wisdom.

Through my exploration of the Akashic Records, I found not only healing but also a calling. The application of the revolutionary modality of Soul Realignment® honed my skills and lead me to realign my life, infusing my daily actions with authenticity and purpose. This transformative process highlighted my resilience and adaptability, enabling me to navigate life’s challenges with grace and to apply my authentic experiences in guiding others on their paths to self-discovery and fulfillment.

Today, I offer insights drawn from a rich tapestry of personal challenges and triumphs combined with the information accessible in the Akashic Records to embody a synthesis of analytical depth, empathetic connection, and practical wisdom. My greatest joy teaching this roadmap to others striving for alignment, understanding, and growth.


Empowerment and Authenticity

I champion the transformative power of self-discovery through the Soul Blueprint, guiding you from external validation to authentic self-alignment. This journey is about empowering you to live true to your core essence and purpose.

Insights lead to Results

Utilizing the Akashic Records, I’ve found healing and a deeper calling, and I share this pathway with you. My approach blends Soul Realignment® with practical actions, aiming to infuse your daily life with authenticity and purpose.

Logic Based Change

My personal evolution, marked by logic and adaptability, informs my philosophy. I am committed to helping you navigate life’s challenges with grace, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

Empathetic Guidance

At the core of my work is a deep empathetic connection, offering you fresh perspectives and spontaneous wisdom. I am here to support your journey toward understanding, alignment, and growth with compassion and practical wisdom.


Personalized Soul-level Exploration

We dive deep into your Soul Blueprint, utilizing the Akashic Records for a personalized exploration that unveils your core essence. This tailored approach ensures that the insights and guidance you receive are directly aligned with your unique path.

Realignment leads to Healing

Combining the profound insights from Soul Realignment® with actionable steps, I offer a holistic approach to healing. It’s not just about discovery; it’s about realigning your life’s practice with your soul’s purpose for lasting transformation.

Resourcefulness and Adaptability

Drawing from my own journey, I empower you to face life’s challenges with resourceful tenacity and adaptability. Together, we’ll transform obstacles into stepping stones, fostering growth, and enhancing your ability to navigate the complexities of life with confidence.

Compassionate, Actionable Steps

My work is rooted in empathy and practical wisdom. I’m dedicated to providing you with guidance that not only resonates on a deep, personal level but also equips you with the tools and understanding necessary to make meaningful changes in your life.


Paper Routes, pushing lawn mowers, door to door with whatever was available, entrprenuership has always been with me. I love the idea of putting forth effort to make something out of nothing that gets me to something else, tangible or otherwise.

Twenty five years in the the DJ booth, from clubs to bars to big stages, was more aligned with who I am than I knew at the time. The ablility to read a room, know what to do next and nail those special momwnts when they arrive, still serves. Alongside my lifelong interest in metaphysic exists stints in the corporate world that rounded out my undersatnding and where i fit in business.


  • Akashic Integration Class
  • Soul Realignment© Training
  • Soul Realignment© Practitioner Certification
  • Akashic Perspective Mastery Program


  • Akashic Integration
  • Drum Making Experience
  • Medicine Bag Workshop

Presentations Titles

  • “Akashic Records – What They Are and What They Are Not
  • “Awakening… Don’t Recommend”
  • “Reading the Akashic Records Accurately”
  • More available upon request

Speaking Appearances

Podcast Creator and Host

Spiritual Handyman Podcast 2018

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts Podcast Co-Host 2021

Public Speakers Association Podcast 2021

PSA Monthly Virtual Summits 2021

Event Creator and Host

Adapt Your Impact Online Event November 9-11 2020

Holistic Business Regional Event - Co-Host

Podcast Appearances

The Healing Heart Podcast with Dana Campbell

The Practical Mystic Show with Janine Bolon - 2021

Amplify You Podcast

The Answers to Living Your Mission are in Your Akashic Records - Joe Orsak

What's Your Inspiration with Fox Beyer


Discover Your Soul's Blueprint
Soul Realignment® Sessions
  • Accessing Your Akashic Record: Utilize your record to identify and clear past karmic patterns. This powerful tool offers a path to heal and realign with your soul’s true purpose, fostering a profound transformation.
  • Practical Training and Certification: Beyond insights, I emphasize actionable steps based on the wisdom of the Akashic Records to effect real change in your daily life.
Personalized Support

In order to effectively outline personal, one-to-one packages for temporary or ongoing support I suggest a no-obligation conversation.

My approach is deeply empathetic, offering guidance that resonates on a personal level. By fostering an environment of understanding and support over time, I aim to help you explore fresh perspectives and discover spontaneous wisdom within yourself and apply that wisdom through actionable steps.