Your Soul journey will relate your SuperPowers and energetic influences.  We will talk about where things are for you in your current life.  We get into the obstacles and patterns that are rooted in previous and past life choices and how to eliminate those disruptions.

For your Akashic Reading and Clearing, I spend time in your Akashic Record gathering lots of information.  It is all about YOU!

Akashic Records Reader

Akashic Readings, Sessions, and Packages

All sessions are recorded for you.  A link is sent through email for download to your device.  Recordings are not guaranteed, but they are always FREE!
We meet over Zoom. You can dial in. Video is optional.

Customer Reviews

I had my reading at the beginning of a very stressful life change. I feel like the reading gave me a lot of perspective and helped center and focus me on that path. My reading, and subsequent visits with Jason, really helped me stay centered in my purpose and light while I faced (and continue to face) a difficult life transition. I noticed a lot of change over months.

Julie C.Colorado

I have had some amazing shifts in my consciousness and the cord clearing and amazing angel work has been transformative. My relationships and career path have improved. I’m learning to trust myself with the spiritual path and also benefit from the ongoing support. I have been recommending this program to quite a few people.

Rose C. Colorado

I had a very amazing experience – I would recommend it to those that are ready or looking for the ‘next step’ in their spiritual practice. I gained Self Power to use these practices at home. Drum ceremonies were my favorite experience, though all parts were building upon the others. Honestly, it was amazing – loved it – great job.

Rose C. Colorado