What’s really touched me this week is, kind of across the board, how, for many of us, the journey and spirituality seem to have different boundaries or different expectations than other journeys do. When, frankly, the boundaries, or expectations, or those considerations, really are, across the board, kind of the same.

What exactly do I mean by that? That’s a good question!

Really, it’s about understanding that all of it is kind of the same. I’m gonna thank my incredible massage therapist, Casey, for providing me with an excellent example that she gave me permission to use. I’m gonna relate it that way to you, because I feel like there is wisdom on all sides of it.

We have these expectations that our spiritual journey is supposed to happen at some kind of pace, or we compare our experience to somebody else’s, and we try to find all of these reasons why it should be this way or that way, or we have expectations that we place on it. That we want to tap into this, or we want this gift, or that gift.

It seems to me that, in many ways, those things parallel what we do in other situations. When I say parallel, I mean in relationships or possibly in business. I think one of the easiest parallels is in business or hobbies that we pick up. It’s the idea that when we start something it does take some time to get good at it, in many cases, and there’s a lot of investment – that’s the same with spirituality. There’s a lot of time, and effort, research, study, practice, and application. Those things really do have to happen.

Along the way, we discover other things that we’ve got to hone, or adjust, or make some kind of allowance for, in order to become more proficient overall. 

What Casey had shared with me, that seems to just fit perfectly in our discussion, is that starting a spiritual journey is like when you start getting massages.

In the beginning, you work on those trouble spots, right? Maybe you sit at your desk for long periods of time, and then you get some of those strained spaces worked on – maybe it’s in your shoulders, or your neck, or your arms. I know I had all of those things, that was my experience!

Then, I bought a new chair, and a new chair is an investment. Boy, that was fun, right? Doing all the research and figuring out, well, I don’t want to spend twelve hundred dollars on a chair, even though they’re very appealing! But getting a decent chair and having better posture was something that I was looking at. That was going along with the massages, and having a better posture and adding sitting in a better chair kind of changed the way I was doing things.

Now, I’m getting some of the strained spots worked out and if I’m sitting better, now I’m working muscles a little differently. Working out some of those kinks shows us where some kinks might be in another place.

For example, I had been slouching in my seat a little bit, leaning a little farther forward than maybe was perfectly healthy for me. When I started to sit more straight up and stay that way more often, and I could feel other muscles getting more activity. While that was a better posture, my body was used to something else. It was programmed differently, and that needed some time to adjust, to get to a place where it could support the new posture.

Even though it was a little bit better posture over all, and better for my body, I still had to compensate mentally, and stay with that long enough for those adjustments in my body to actually happen. As I have been getting more massages, I could feel how the differences were accumulating, and how things were shifting. As we went on, there was less pain here, and maybe a little more soreness in another place, and things are popping up.

I feel like there’s that same kind of thing in the spiritual journey, or in the journey of business, or relationships, or whatever that might be. In the spiritual journey specifically (since that really is kind of our main topic, right?), it’s that we start with something that interests us, and we realize how vast some of those subjects are. If you start into astrology and you recognize the sun signs, and then you discover that there’s the moon and a rising sign, and then there’s houses, and then there’s planets, and what houses they’re in, and it gets deep really fast!

Or, if you look into oils and the different types of oils, and it’s not just about what they maybe represent but the plant that they come from. It’s also about the part of the world that that comes from, where they’re indigenous, how the oils are extracted, how they are shipped, and what source is it? Is that source ethical, or fair trade? Does the process keep the oils fresh? There are so many things to consider in the process!

 There are many different things that we undertake that fall in those categories, and our expectation, in a lot of cases, I know mine has been, that I’m going to be good at something pretty quickly, and if I don’t reach a point that I’m proficient quickly, sometimes I’ll get discouraged. Or I’ll put something down thinking, “okay, that must not be for me.”

An example I use quite a bit is playing guitar. I have picked up the guitar a half dozen times in my life, and about half of those I got really serious. Eventually I realized, if I want to be as good as I really would want to be if I was going to be a “guitar player,” it would require that I play constantly. Every day. I’d have to carry that thing around with me back and forth, keep it on me at all times. Take it to the restroom, have it next to me at dinner, right? And just constantly play the guitar, and that wasn’t really in the cards for me. My passion wasn’t as deep in that. I have a great respect for those that do have that passion, and do have that drive in playing. To see them perform – I recently got to see Slash perform live again, which is one of my favorite guitar players – they are absolutely something to marvel at that level.

I went to ZZ Top with a buddy of mine, and to watch them play, and just see the proficiency, and the ability, and how easy it is for them after so long, was just incredible. That longevity, that experience is a really big part of it as well. The decades that are piled on. Sometimes we step over and forget those kinds of things. We forget that those that represent such an incredible skill set have actually been doing it for that long. They’ve spent hours and hours and hours of their days, a majority of their life, with that instrument in their hand. They’ve invested in really good gear, and they’ve truly dedicated their life to something.

 It’s not just playing the guitar for these performers. There are many other things that they had to become proficient at to be able to step on that stage and continue to do it.

Much like my posture, I’ve figured out a few things. I really have to be disciplined and consistent to get myself out of the other habits and get into these new and better ones. After a while, I just sit straight, and I feel better because I’ve adjusted my chair. I’ve kind of made it where I have to, it’s a new requirement to sit better. I’ve arranged it where I can move around a little bit and I set timers to get up and stretch, and I don’t just sit in my chair.

I do things in different places around the office now. I’m deliberately changing the behaviors and adjusting the habits. A guy on tour has got to learn how to do a lot of things. He’s got to hit his marks, he’s got to make sure that their timing is good, that they’re ready for the big show, that they understand the logistics, the money, the business side. There’s so much going on.

The spiritual side of this is very much like that. There’s lots of things to learn, there’s lots of directions. You can go through energy healing, you can go down the path of the tarot or oracle cards, you can study the Akashic Records, you can choose from many different avenues, and even combine those things.

There are many shiny, spiritual things and it’s really easy to get distracted from whatever it is. While you’re finding all of that, it feels like you’re scattered and off the path, or in this direction or that direction. “I can’t find this, I can’t find that.”

While you’re exploring all of that, you’re gaining a ton of knowledge. You’re gaining experience with those things, and even if what you’re doing is knocking out things that don’t really hit for you, that’s okay! That’s one more thing you’re knocking off the list that says, “that’s just not the thing for me.”

Astrology was always really interesting to me, but I just didn’t want to sit down and memorize the whole thing! At the time, that’s what told me that I wasn’t going to be able to do that. I know now that if I had just kept doing it, I would have picked it all up along the way. What I realized, in retrospect, was that the passion at that level was not there for me studying astrology.

When I began to study the Akashic Records, and the information that I was working with within the Records, it was absolutely fascinating. I was learning about soul level energy, and soul groups of origin, and past life blocks and restrictions, how to address those things, what a clearing actually is and what it means, and how all those types of readings can be adapted into other possibilities. I was learning how those pieces of information and activities, those action plans, can help others. That created many ways to ignite passion within me that it was just absolutely clear to me that it was something I wanted to continue doing. But it didn’t keep me from being interested in other things.

Along the way, we tend to invest, and follow, and read, and take classes and check out other stuff. There’s really nothing wrong with doing that, because until you’ve knocked out some of the things that you’re not interested in, getting the focus is not always easy.

It’s like finding your niche in business, finding your niche in spirituality is very similar. Especially if you’re a practitioner. Narrowing your focus means you can be very specific in who you work with, and therefore you gather, draw in, attract the people that work specifically with, or need specifically what you have to offer.

At the beginning of my journey, I had the idea, the attitude, that I want to serve as many people as possible. Well, that’s bold and noble, from that beginner’s view. It’s also kind of impossible, from where I sit – and that’s me speaking, I’m not trying to speak for others. But, trying to serve everyone with nearly eight billion people on this planet sounds insurmountable. Serving them as individuals is really not logistically possible, but surveying the consciousness, or being part of that, that is something that is possible. It is also obtainable.

Though being in service has some connotations that I have some reservations about. I guess I would refer to it more as cooperation. Being in cooperation with the world around us doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to be achievement-driven.

 Taking the time to give yourself a break on your journey, whatever that journey is, and reflect on what you have accomplished is very powerful. Knowing what you’ve accomplished and giving yourself an opportunity to recognize, identify, and enjoy that is a really special place to be, for a couple of reasons that I’d like to share.

 When you have a space of manifestation, or success, or gratification, and whatever that means for you, when you gain the knowledge or skill set, it’s very cool that you can utilize that energy to launch you to the next place.

As creators, all of us, as creators in our divine self-expression, we can create from nothing. We can create an original idea that is OUR original idea. It doesn’t have to be original to the world, or to the universe – that’s kind of nearly impossible. It does happen, but it’s very rare. But original to US, comes from us. When we operate in that area, we create. When you’ve created, no matter how small that may be, when you carry that energy forward with you, it’s much easier to create in the next space. 

That’s what I mean by celebrating those victories, because the little things do matter! While they may have this little connotation to them, in retrospect, I would say to you that may be grabbing the energy of some of those wins and bringing them along with you would lighten the load of what you’re trying to do next, and maybe push it forward a little faster.

Maybe have you sitting a little differently in your seat, and maybe help you, on the journey, give yourself a little more of a break and not be so hard on what you’re trying to accomplish and where you’re trying to get.

This week’s takeaways come down to this: be nice to yourself about your journey, whatever it is, give yourself a break, and celebrate the wins.

Until next time, let’s keep it grounded.

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