As a teacher, Jason enjoys the interaction with those who attend his classes and workshops.  Some of the best learning happens while teaching.  Being a perpetual student has a place in Jason’s life, but as an instructor he is able to share his authenticity and enthusiasm, speaking through personal experience.  He shares what works for him and supports that there is more than one way to achieve a desired result.


Akashic Shamanism© Workshops

Akashic Shamanism© is a modality that Jason has created based on his years reading in the Akashic Records.  During those years he naturally reconnected with shamanic practices from previous lifetimes.  The basis for Akashic Shamanism© is receiving the love and wisdom of the records while staying grounded in our human experience.  By offering multiple techniques and meditations for participants, a variety of access points to the Akashic Records open that are unique to each student.  The deepest goal is to connect to the Records’ energies already present in our bodies.  Through these links people are able to gain understanding of themselves, face uncomfortable habitual behaviors, and live a life they design.

This workshop is offered in one day and two day versions, allowing for flexibility in attendance.


Shamanic Tools Workshops

Jason also has workshops for the creation of shamanic tools.  Creating your own tools within ceremony is extremely rewarding.  A few items we make are drums and drum sticks, rattles, smudging fans, feather fans, with additional workshops added as dictated by participant interests.

This workshops series is repeated throughout the year to allow people to drop in at any point and make their tools, knowing they can create all the basic pieces in about 6 months.  Jason and Corinne Echols have teamed up to provide well rounded instruction while adding new components regularly.

Jason’s mission is to provide actionable, practical information that can be immediately applied to align you with your Life Purpose.  By raising awareness to the benefits of aligning our consciousness in our daily lives, the ripples of transformation impact ourselves, each other, and our world.   When we recognize, understand and eliminate destructive behavior patterns, we are able to clear out energies that no longer serve us, replacing those energies with clean, focused perspective. This allows for space to take new action. New actions result in new outcomes.  The Akashic Records hold the information best suited to support these shifts in perspective.  As a reader of these records, Jason delivers Soul-Level understanding.  

Along with the Akashic Records, there are many modalities and techniques that Jason works with during reading and healing sessions.  Shamanic practices, Angelic Reiki, Quantum interaction, ancient Egyptian pyramid healing methods and intuitive additions are used as Divinely guided.  Each session is tailored and adjusted to be in the highest good for the recipient and the practitioner.  Continuing sessions build upon previous sessions to create continuity of transformation.  We get there together, through love and wisdom.



Services Provided

  • Akashic Record Readings (see description below)
    • Reading and Clearing
    • Property Reading and Clearing
    • Relationship Reading
    • Chakra Reading
    • Manifesting Blueprint


  • Akashic Empowerment Packages
    • 3 and 6 month packages of ongoing 1 on 1support
    • Multiple sessions and follow up tailored specifically for You
  • Angelic Reiki (see description below)
    • Deep healing directly from the Angelic Kingdom
  • Shamanic Practices (see description below)
    • Shamanic Journeying
    • Clearing 
    • Feather Work
  • Quantum interaction
    • Matrix Energetics©
    • Multi-Dimensional healing

Akashic Record Readings

The Akashic Records are the foundation of the readings Jason provides.  This starts with Soul-Level understanding of the energies your Soul was created from.  These energies influence not only your current lifetime, but also every previous and all future lifetimes.  This information is very empowering.  It reminds you of your true gifts and how to align your choices and actions with those talents you have in order to make your life easier.

An Akashic Record Reading continues with a deep look into blocks and restrictions that are in present in your life right now.  By accessing previous lifetimes we discover the source of those obstacles and the choices that set these things in motion.  We get a clear picture of what the situation was in that life, what choices were made, and how those consequences carried over into what has developed as undesired behavior patterns that are currently part of your experience. 

Clearing of these issues begins with awareness of your role in them.   Then you are presented with your own clearing to do for yourself.  By specifically targeting what blocks and restrictions come up during your reading, and applying your energies and actions to those situations, you take charge of how your life transforms.  During your clearing period you will gain knowledge on how to address other issues when they arise in your future.

These sessions are always recorded.  There is a lot of information.  Listening to your reading after you have finished your clearing is like getting a bonus reading for FREE!  Your perspective will have changed and you will be open to receive the information in new and deeper ways.

Angelic Reiki

This amazing form of reiki allows for healing directly from the Angelic kingdom.  Jason works as a conduit for Seraphim Angel Loquiel to heal you on many levels.  Other Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Loved Ones and more have opportunity to make their presence and intentions known.  The energy is always in your highest good and the highest good of the practitioner.  Many people feel instant as well as lasting healing effects from such powerful energy.  Angelic Reiki sessions are short and very powerful!  

Shamanic Practices

Jason has a multitude of shamanic tools and techniques.  From hand drums, to rattles, to feather work and journeying, he will be guided to apply the most beneficial approach to your specific needs.  By simply clearing your energy field, any cords or hooks are revealed and can be severed.  When you are released of these restrictions and connections, healing can take place at a deeper level.  


Shamanic Journeying is an amazing experience that can introduce you to whole new worlds.  During the journey animal totems, ancestors and more will often make their presence known.  Each journey is a different experience.  It is also a way seek guidance, discover truths and find direction. 

Stop Spinning and Reacting – Move Into Divine Action

There are often undesirable behavior cycles in our lives. Spinning our wheels and reacting to external circumstances keeps us in the same lack of growth.  Learn how your life will become more blessed when you move into Divine Action.

Jason’s passion is connecting people with their Divine potential.  As an Akashic Records reader,  Spiritual Teacher and Speaker, he has helped hundreds to use his 3 step system to identify, erase and replace unwanted life patterns.