The Central Meridian  Activation works directly with the flow of energy of the central meridian.  The pattern of energy moving along this meridian follows a route from the base of the skull, over the top of the head then down the front of the body through the chakras.  Then through the root chakra and up the spinal column.  The benefits for upgrading the movement and alignment are more focused energy and more balanced feel throughout the body.



Between the top of the spine and the base of the skull is a small “gland”. During the 5M Activation this gland appears as a holographic drum outside the body.   Please note that these references are to an etheric “gland”  that has not been confirmed through science or other means beyond this activation.

As unique as each person, the representation of the gland changes with each activation.  The 5M activation can be done multiple times with each upgrade preparing, synchronizing and aligning to the highest level and vibration available.  Consecutive sessions provide addition growth.


On the drum there is visible coding.  The original codes showed up as binary.  As the technique was applied to different people the drum’s shape, color and coding was found to be unique to each person.  Some have symbols, alpha-numerics, pictographs, and sometimes a smooth surface.

When the holograph of the drum is available, just behind the head and neck for easy access, the drum is usually turning slowly.  First, the drum is spun in a counter-clockwise direction to pick up speed.  Next, the coding to be imprinted appears.  The proper combination of codes are lit up with a golden hue.  As they merge with the cylinder, the upgrades line up and then adhere to the spinning drum.  At the point of fusion the previous and new codes light up briefly.  As the burst fades the new pieces align, flash and integrate.

Depending on what is in the highest good for the person receiving the activation, there may be further calibrations necessary before the drum is placed in its space within the body.   Calibrations may include Y or X-axis adjustments, sizing, or some other form of alignment.





When the drum calibration and alignment is finished it is placed back to the original place in the body.  This is done slowly in order to allow the body to receive.  After the drum is in its place the words “Activate, Enhance, Amplify” are said aloud by the recipient.

Once activated, the energy flow through the body becomes more concentrated and efficient.  A slight surge makes its way from the base of the neck, over the top of the head, down the front chakras, returning through the spinal column.  The energy flow is then observed and any adjustments that are required for continuity are performed.

The process occasionally comes with some discomfort but nothing greater that a slight nausea or minor dizziness.  Water is very important for the body during integration.