Change is Constant.


The choices we make to intentionally create change, easier said than done! Frankly the broad strokes we hear from over generalized ideas about manifestation have some truth, even if they are a titch corny. I say that simplicity works. By simply shifting how we approach making choices, we influence the world around us in a slightly different way. Intentional or not, what we bring to our choices is as important as the effort we make.

No matter how big or how small.

Sounds like the Law of Attraction, huh?

Well, that is a reasonable part of the equation. But, there are additional factors in the computation we call life. In order to properly make sense of the regulatory view of magnetism, I came to agree that thinking positive and visualization or sensation focused approaches are a start. What is often missing is the next step, what actual action to take. Once I have written it down, pasted it to my board, or proclaimed it out loud, how do I continue? 


Results require Action.

Attracting what we want is much more effective, and honestly must include, taking action. Deciding to align with what we want is substantial. Taking action aligned with what we want is how we actually get results.

Results are ultimately what we are after, whether a journey has just begun, is rekindled, or running full steam. There are a ton of resources claiming to help us know ourselves better, clear out what doesn’t serve, and manifest the world we desire. The claims of improved health, stronger relationships, and more abundance are staples of the personal development world. 

What I was typing into search engines was a request for encouragement and assistance to get from where I was to where I thought I wanted to be. I wanted results. I had committed to something being different, even if I wasn’t fully sure what that meant. 

I found that I had polarized results into categories of success or consequences. I found they are more accurately a product of decision plus choice. The decision to attract, added to intentionally aligned choices, equals reflective results. Sure, it sounds simple.  

New Outcomes have a Foundation in Change.

Eventually, change is going to occur, as it is constant. Change is not always a wonderful or embraceable experience. Im not sure about you, but sometimes change just makes me tired. Occasionally the shifts or expansions or realizations are great. Other times I would prefer to coast, possibly catch a breath to integrate what I am doing. There always seems to be another thing to do or tackle. After I have a run of addressing my internal junk, shouldn’t I logically be in a better place to handle the external life coming my way?

Logic and practicality are true friends of mine. When I make decisions based in logic, I do better. Its not the whole calculation, that logic has to be applied in a practical sense. By practical, I mean through third dimensional action. And not just the attractive ones in my journal or the affirmations on my mirror. 

My strengths include analyzation and problem solving, usually at the expense of emotional intelligence. I know I tend to disconnect emotions from a problem to figure it out. I’m in awe when I witness others maintain their emotions and immediately blend them into a situation. My emotions are part of the details I experience during some periods of resistance.

With choice patterns in place there is already a flow of energy. Shifting that flow of energy is where resistance it met.

Resistance is to be Expected

Back to the logic, resistance is to be expected. There is a type of energy present in all things. Explained or not, this energy has a flow. To adjust that flow, to alter any of its aspects, requires applied force. I propose this is a simple process of educated decision plus intentional choice equals aligned result. Experiencing change also equals meeting with unavoidable resistance. Yep, this complicates the calculations, and isn’t even the actual issue.

The Real Problem

The real problem is how to connect informed conclusions with a conscious course of action that moves forward despite this resistance. When I refuse to accept the current flow, I decide to influence outcomes in a different way. I expect to be confident that the outcome is not a ramification, but that is just not the case. Its not realistic in life, especially in business, to expect myself to execute decisions free of doubt or with instant success.

It’s not just in the doing where I get bogged down. It’s in the how to do it. How is more elaborate than simply taking actions. How gets into the deeper needs of my situation. That was where I most needed encouragement and assistance, around the details. Even with a tiny idea of what and why, The How was where I got hung up every time.

And that’s what’s missing!

The HOW! 

The How for the What and Why is missing. The resistance is in the details.

The What

The What is pretty obvious. And here we are, back into the corny waters of gurus and billboards  – The desires for a better life, more balanced relationships, and to somehow impact our world in a positive way. The big three: Life, Love and Purpose. Or Health, Relationships and Career – however the three show up.

I knew my What was that I wanted things to be different, better. I had huge fantasy visions of better because my imagination is strong and imagining winning the lottery makes me feel pretty cool. I thought I had love. I did in a form, but it was more part of the same fantasy. My What was that I wanted direction, needed it, because the way I was making choices in my life was not going well. I was effecting others in ways I hadn’t realized before, which in honesty were concerns present on some level all along. When my What became that obvious to me, I had forced myself into change, whether I meant to or not.

The Why

The Why tends to be equally obvious. The overworked term “personal development” covers a lot of ground that boils down to one thing; awareness. Awareness is a step many people take in many different directions into many different areas. The Why includes establishing awareness of the details, getting into the traits and gifts that can be leveraged to overcome challenges.

The Why includes the details, the unique attributes and innate talents we possess, along with how those specifics contribute to our obstacles. Judged as success or otherwise, The Why outlines the motivation to take on insurmountable odds. The Why holds special keys to knowing who we truly are. At the base of our Why, at the foundation for our motivations, are the beliefs and values that fuel them.

My Why prompted decisions to forge ahead, fueled by beliefs and values that showed up more as self imposed expectations and an eagerness to correctly fill the roles expected off me. Self expression has always been a huge factor in my life and communication is a strong area, but I have a tendency to over do it. What I was really reaching for was authenticity. I perceived being original as contributing to not fitting in, resulting in my isolation. I had no perception of my lack of experience, no context of how little I knew. Who does? Eventually, the puzzle came together when I accepted some of my Why as listening more than I talked and re-training myself to only speak from my authentic experience. I now leverage my Why as how I stand out, how I deliver my authentic message.

When is a Choice

I am a let’s do it right now person. If suffering can be relieved, let’s get to it! The truth is that When is relative to circumstances. When someone is ready is really up to them. No one needs permission to exercise free will. It’s also not about comparing and contrasting growth or achievement with others because we are unique souls with a unique exterior. It follows that we are potentially each unique on the inside, with our own traits, gifts and challenges.

I have made the mistake of assuming other people, you know, like everyone, should be expressing themselves at every opportunity. That was my jam. I poked my thoughts, interjected my opinions and relayed my observations, into other people’s business. I rationalized that their situation deserved my attention and insight because clearly I knew something they didn’t. 

Why would I assume everyone is the same inside when it’s so obvious they are different on the outside? It follows that if we are all a bit different on the outside, that we are all also a bit different on the inside. Therefore, we are a unique blend that likely goes deeper into a distinct identity and novel way of doing things. I assure you, the only expert at being you is you. No one else can do that the way you do it.

Perspective is Accessible, Useful and Free

Trying on this perspective might give you what I call a ‘little room to operate’. I feel that accepting such a perspective, that you are the only you, removes some of the achievement oriented intensity present in our lives and society. A little room outside the box, a moment from singular thinking, allows us to try on something new without having to totally buy in.

There were things I already knew about myself that were not framed well. Self expression and communication were worthy of attention. Starting there, I still wanted to know the How. 

How do I express myself and communicate effectively? How do I do that authentically?

The How for me included other traits that I came to understand in a way that allowed me to naturally accept myself, flaws willing, and see some of my other talents. One is a solid grasp that I don’t just appreciate communication; words have almost a taste or substance to me. The same with symbolism. I can almost feel the energy of glyphs and sacred geometry, explaining my fascination with ancient language and the shapes that create them. 

As I progressed in my comprehension, I figured out that information was something I found extremely important. Lack of information has been a source of anguish for me in many instances. Once I clearly identified how much accurate, relevant information meant to me, I was able to let go of some of my obsessive rabbit hole needs to consume multitudes of useless material. That immediately gave me back time and energy to put elsewhere.

The practical applications of knowing my traits are obvious to me. They outline my character in a logical way that I can relate to and return to when I need guidance on decisions and choices. Those traits logically led me to see gifts where I had not seen them before. When I share my personal experience, I have a gift for inspiring others to consider their world, their lives, maybe themselves, from insightful perspectives. If I hadn’t shut up, listened, and then expressed myself genuinely, I would never have known that. I wasn’t even aware the gift was there, but it made sense and continues to reap benefits.

You’re so gifted, so much potential. Um, what does that even mean?

What I have experienced and witnessed is that our traits and gifts make us who we are. When acceptance of both sides of our coin is available, the benefits are immediately reflected in how we deal with inevitable change. The challenges we encounter, some under control some not, are how we hone our traits and gifts. Without the whole picture there isn’t as much to work with and the options aren’t all that clear. 

Your Soul Blueprint holds your traits, gifts, and more.

The combination I employ of an ancient, accessible tool and a revolutionary modality is the How of getting to the What and Why. Your What and Why are outlined in your Soul Blueprint, the same place I got mine. There’s a lot of accurate, relevant information in your blueprint and I would love an opportunity to share it with you. I will even share the first step for free, so you can see for yourself that what I am saying is authentic.