All over the world, in separate circles, societies and cultures, there is currently an underlying energy that speaks to an awakening. This awakening is attributed to initiating a shift in the overall consciousness of humanity. It is undeniable, especially in spiritual and metaphysical groups, that some sort of mass movement is beginning to take place, one that slowly urges humankind to an alternative type of existence. This is supported strongly by relevant future possibilities that I have found within the Akashic Records. As always, I share this from my own experience, knowledge, studies and frame of reference, without projecting what I believe onto others as undeniable or undebatable fact. Everything is up for interpretation and what we learn from others outside ourselves often enhances what we have within ourselves. A request is made here that, for a moment, we put aside our judgements and conclusions to remain open to possibility.



I often find that terms used in different settings, metaphysical included, are not always well defined. That leads me to look for gaps where assumptions bridge knowledge and application with misunderstanding. This leads to misconceptions  A couple of those occasions are clearly present here with the terms “awakening” and “shift”. One general consensus of “awakening” is a fresh awareness of our surroundings that heightens our understanding of what is happening beyond what was previously understood. In the metaphysical sense, it includes a more consistent connection with energies and powers outside of our personal spheres. The “shift” is more complicated to explain and equally more grand in impact. As with anything, awareness, the awakening, must come before the shift.



A shift represents a change in position, a move, something that acts as a device for effecting an end to one circumstance with the beginning of another. In metaphysical terms, a shift may be as slight as energy going from sadness to contentment or letting go of past grievances. Such movement may be as large as a life changing epiphany or near death experience, or even on the level of mass consciousness. The awakening our planet has experienced, and continues to perpetuate, will ultimately lead to the shift that has already begun.



Without diving into a blue pill, red pill scenario, it is necessary to establish a bit of back story to get a better view of the overall picture we are working with. Souls, all souls, whether in a body or not, must acquire energy from somewhere to maintain existence. Most souls make the choice (yes, folks, free will is everywhere) to draw their energy from Source, the All, the Divine, the Universe, the “insert your moniker here”. Other souls and soul groups make a choice to gather energy from their environment. By taking from their immediate surroundings or over distances that can span land, space and time, these souls act and react differently than those connected to the unlimited energy supplied through the Universal connection.



A soul that chooses a direct line to Source is able to conduct themselves naturally and with some sense of balance in their energy. Along the way we experience surges and disruptions or fluctuations of countless varieties in every direction. Change is the only constant. There is security in our communing with the Divine in this way as it represents our energetic flow and our connection with something beyond ourselves, (your inserted moniker).



For souls that choose differently, there is a constant need to find more sources to tap into. These souls and groups are often in some sort of mess or drama that creates energy on which they can feed. This arrangement has been around as long as souls have been active. Therefore, the tactics and strategies these souls have developed over lifetimes and millennia just here on Earth are refined and multi-layered. They are good at what they do because they are doing the same thing every soul is trying to do in a body, to survive.



Through a neutral lens this approach may not initially appear nefarious. For those who choose to connect to Source directly, boundaries are violated when souls take energy from other souls for their own gain while at the detriment of another soul. This feeding of energy has been happening at every level along the chain for thousands of years. There are the souls we encounter in our daily lives that we may be able to identify, but what about those who are in the higher levels of power and prestige? How did they get there? The short answer, grooming.



Here is an example of how this grooming may occur. A soul from this group gets into trouble of some kind. Its ways have been called out, maybe to the extent that they are in some hot water with the law. When they are put before the prosecutor he does his best to “throw the book at them” and “do what’s right” according to the law. Meanwhile, behind the scenes or after the situation, that same prosecutor, recognizing the potential of this soul’s ability to do more for their collective, finds a way to “help” this soul out of trouble in exchange for something. This might be silence, protection, support, bringing them into a like minded group, any number of ways to involve this soul now in their network of other similar characters. Depending on how this soul performs, there may be given more to do that gets rewarded by more power and access to more energy, eventually filling the role of the prosecutor and becoming the recruiter. This cycle continues over and over, feeding the beast, the collective, perpetuating their process.



Now, to be fair here, it is important to point out that the original choice, to gather energy from the environment, is not one in judgment. Yes, it is a choice made through that soul’s individual judgement, much like crossing the street safely, but it is not a choice made that is viewed by the Universe as “good or bad.” Neutrality is usual stance of the Universe. The Evil Empire, as we label it, does not view itself as evil. It views itself as right and just and if you would all conform and do as you are told then everything would be better. Especially for them, because they get what they need. Energy.



With that construct in place, energy coming to souls from Source or surroundings, it becomes clear what is happening on our planet. Those who seek power from others will eventually create extreme situations. They draw energy until there is none left, even if they find a semi-renewable source, everything eventually changes or dies out. Logic here leads to energy running out or getting cut off from whatever source they attach to, animate or inanimate. Once the origin of power is exhausted they have to either stir things up or move on, or they risk a tumble from their mountains of power. We all know about those that pull on our strings, the ones we feel drained around from time to time. Here is a deep secret for you… you only give away your energy by choice. You allow it. It does not have to be that way.



You can make a stand. It is your energy, you are entitled to it, it is your connection to Source. That is between you and your moniker. In most cases, the only way any other being gets involved in your energy is if you allow it to happen. Here, I say “most” because there are instances in this world where others force themselves on someone in aggressive and atrocious ways that are not by choice or consent. That is taking energy from someone and what I consider inappropriate on every level. A hard truth of those occurrences is that one party may come away with considerable, life altering negativity that can take immense effort to overcome. That person is left with “what do I do with this?”. You do what you can and ask for help, learn tools that work for you, techniques to manage and maintain your energy. A lot, I know. It is possible.



Back to the energy drainers, those masters power that have been building their web of souls and weaving their way into nearly every part of nearly every culture and society the history of Earth has known. These soul groups are collectives, often of one consciousness or mind. They are all connected on some level with a hierarchy in place that feeds everything in both directions. When in the human condition they still experience individuality, but find themselves preoccupied with the need for getting energy from their environment. As a member of the collective, they are always being pushed somewhere in the back of their subconscious to provide power up the chain. They are also receiving information or instruction on how to best achieve their ultimate goals, usually a power grab of some sort.



Their presence on our planet is no accident. This arrangement has a purpose and we are all part of the grand experiment. Before you conclude that I have lost my marbles and gone full conspiracy, I haven’t. Experiment is metaphor for the polarity we have here. Earth is about experience and emotions and living our truest expression. For that to happen effectively there must be opposition, there must be conflict, there must be as above so below. To fully understand happiness we must know sadness, you get the idea. Now, this situation has gotten a little out of hand, but that is why I said they will eventually create extreme situations.



Have you noticed how many people in wealth and power never seem to have enough? They gain more money than a dozen generations could spend, more power than anyone one person can effectively wield, yet they continue to build and find more ways to gain what they thirst for. That is because they know eventually all origins of power outside themselves will die. Therefore, they must keep looking, stashing, hoarding everything they can. One scenario is that they will run it dry and move on to the next. But, there is another possibility. And that is what is happening on our rock.



Those who choose to connect to Source are often aware of these types of people in the world, the takers. They aren’t necessarily evil people, but they aren’t always those you choose to hang out with. Maybe business, but not friendship. Maybe a co-worker that you don’t invite to happy hour. You might know them in your family or circle of friends. There really is no avoiding these souls in our day to day and they are not usually dangerous or scary. Such characters are often hidden in plain sight as someone who truly cares about others, plays the game while saying all the right things, until you examine underneath to detect the real motives. They are part of the fabric of our world, a necessary component for evolution. Being aware has advantages. (Please don’t suit up and go vampire hunting, a simple unlike or delete button click is sufficient.) Those who are aware tend to stand up for themselves. They choose to not allow their energy to be unnecessarily complicated or delivered outside themselves without intention or permission. This dries up the source and sends the taker elsewhere.



Eventually, when enough people stand up, as we have seen in our societies across the world, those who harvest power take notice and action. These circumstances often lead to harsh outcomes such as protests, riots, executions, genocide, and any number of energy exchanges that are extreme. While this happens the takers dig in, doing everything they can to hold onto power. They will lie, cheat, steal, maim, kill, deceive, or anything they have to in desperation to try to keep the chain going. It is their purpose, it is what they know. Somehow they just have to, they cannot fail, the collective weight ensures their survival through fear and pressure. They answer to someone who answers to someone, they are more scared of their hierarchy than we are of them.



The awakening is, in part, an awareness of these types situations. It is a realization that we have control over how we conduct ourselves. Our human experience is a result of our choices. We have control over how we handle and react to things, even when there is negativity forced upon us, we have a say in the ultimate outcome. Many people, one by one, are stepping into this place of understanding and living in responsibility for their part in their lives. The awakening is also an awareness of something outside ourselves, something bigger and greater that exists that we are unable to fully grasp. Coming into this human condition we are relieved of our past life memories and provided a fresh innocence to explore this incredible place. For better or whatever, this is how we launch into a life of figuring out how to get back to where we were before the life started. (It’s a little weird, right?) As more and more souls make this choice to live this responsibility the shift is initiated.



The shift is when enough of the population has recognized something as truth to all get on the same page. For example, if a spaceship from another world showed up and parked off the California coast, the entire world would know in about fifteen seconds. A majority of us would shift to an acceptance that we are not the only intelligent life in the Universe. (Even if you already agree, confirmation is a potential shift.) A portion of us would also think it was a hoax or conspiracy, maybe even go into denial or hiding. Plus another hundred or so reactions. That shift would adjust the overall consciousness of our civilization and views of humanity. Such a shift is occurring right before our eyes now.



The takers create another extreme that represents a backfire of their plans. While  a remote possibility, dependent on how their energy sources react to their long game, this situation brings a dramatic end to their life high on the hog. When a shift occurs, those they view as sources of energy rise up against them and revolt, bringing an end to their reign of tyranny. There are many examples of this successfully occurring in the US and throughout the world over in the last decades, with a huge surge in the last few years and even months. Think voting rights, segregation, the #MeToo movement, the racial protests of 2020, our political climate (yes, all sides), the months long protests in Hong Kong, and the exposure of mistreatment of Uyghurs in China; by no means a complete list, but you get the point. In these cases, it is clear where those in power have oppressed others, used and abused, and then flexed their muscle when the whistle sounded. Maybe they used brute force or lawyers or social media, but they used tactics born of fear, control and power.



When those who awaken and shift out number those who garner power, and we do out number them already, things have to change. Upheaval, limbo, uncertainty, these states of possible chaos are uncomfortable to us. Understandably so! It is also where we have to be strong because those who grab power will “come in with solutions and save us from ourselves.” They know if they loose control they have to start over. They have been building this network for ages. Watching it crumble means their end, their demise. It also means they are no longer needed here on Earth. Their time here, their arrangement, is coming to an end.



Yes, folks. We are here learning what this all means. What do polarity, karma, self expression, emotions, our physical and mental senses have to do with it all? What does this beautiful planet have to offer us in the way of expanding our soul journey? Well, we are here doing the best we can in the moment with what we have to work with at that moment. And we are learning. We are awakening. We are shifting. Trust in humanity.



Believe that there are enough of us doing the right thing by ourselves and those around us to make the best things happen for us, our loved ones and our world. We control our reactions and actions. We determine what we do next, how we treat others, how we impact our environment on every level. They do what they do, we don’t control that. Who wants that responsibility anyway? Not me! Let them squirm and flip and flop. The dying call of their choices sounds much like the cries of someone who really needs help, but they are tricky and know how to create situations that lead to them with an advantage.



How does all this tie into the Akashic Records? In 2018 and 2019, when people would ask about what was to come for them, on occasion I would get this cloudy future that I could not access. I did not claim to know anything special, only that “something” was coming and it was big. And it was something everyone would experience, though not the end of the world. The words “it will get worse before it gets better” usually accompanied this restricted vision. Always kind of a grey cloud without a lot of definition. I know now why I was held out of this knowledge. I would have looked crazy in a Kansas airport telling everyone to appreciate being in line for boarding cuz this wasn’t going to be here forever. As things unfolded I was allowed to see more and it looks pretty good to me. I have always seen that the human race makes good in a lot of ways. Not perfection, but a more harmonious relationship with our planet.



The takers are with us for a while longer. Their role is not done quite yet but the need is waning. More upheaval awaits as those who are unseated from power are toppled from their thrones. Watch as they dig in deeper, grab for anything to save them, falling down the funnel they formed for their own departure. Fortunately, we are heading in what we call the “right direction” and this mostly comes from the awakening and the shift, not from other grasps for more of the same cycles. Timeframe? Generations, at least. We got here slowly and we will get out slowly, But, we have learned a lot and as we grow in awakening and shifting the domino effect will engage. The oneness and balance that many of us dream of is still very possible. Do your part. Trust humanity.