The intention of The Love Buffer is to create a field, outside your field, where you can manage your interaction with other people’s energies.  When someone reaches out to you they will cross into this field, replenished by Divine source, and find what they need without having to get it directly from you.  From your perspective, you are able to interact with the energy, identify with it, and allow it into your space of you decide.  This is now manageable on your terms.

Another aspect of The Love Buffer is to set it to a physical trigger. This is easily done through your intention during the process of creating the buffer. I use my fingers tapping my palm.  It can be done on the same hand, without anyone knowing what is going on.  Through your intention, the buffer is put into place for the time it is useful and then dissipates as appropriate.   I use it quite a bit, in lots of situations.  I hope you find it useful too!

Please feel free to share this technique with others!